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Business Dinner. Red or white wine?

By Ale Marroquin 

Your new job responsibilities imply many networking effort. You have to host customer’s breakfast, lunch and in many cases dinners. Obviously, you have to show yourself professional and brilliant at all times. Do you think your client will notice about those little details,that you has never has noticies as important? In other words, while you were studying in college, you ate fast food, also when you visited your parents it was on a relaxed environment. There was no need to observe which fork was right to use, or how to order wine.

Good question, now every time you invite your clients to have lunch or dinner, wine is ordered, but how to order it? Frist, you need to be patient and a good observer. If your guests order chicken or meat as main dish, the correct way is to order red wine. When they order fish or pasta, you can suggest white wine.

Even though, the wine etiquette rule to match wine with the food is still used, it´s very common practice to many people, including you clients, to find normal order red wine along with fish. If this happened, you do exactly the same as your client did. Never try to correct him or to try to teach him a lesson of wine etiquette. Remember, you are inviting him to have dinner with the purpose to strengthen relationships.

Let’s suppose, you are the only one who orders fish, you can ask for a bottle of red for the table, and only order a glass of white for you. There are some restaurants that usually sell half bottles.

Keep in mind, the rules of how to handle the wine glass , are depending of the kind of wine that is served. If it is red wine it is correct to handle it from the bowl, however in the case of whites it is correct to handle it from the steam, this because whites are usually served chilled and your hand can warm the liquid.

If during the event, the waiter who is in charge to serve wine never shows up, you as host have to fill in an elegant way the glasses of your guests. Never fill more than three quarters of the glass, and please be careful to prevent any possible drip.

If you are not a wine connoisseur, but you don´t want people to notice it, you can ask your waiter for suggestions. Just consider the price of the suggested bottles. If you don´t want to take risks at the moment to pay the bill, first have a look of the wine menu, and then ask for suggestions, this way you will be able to check the cost discreetly.

Last but not least, remember after you order a bottle of wine, the waiter will show you the label, to assure is the correct one. Once opened he will serve you a small quantity to taste in order to confirm the wine is not rancid. If you don´t like the flavor of the wine, that is not a valid reason to return the bottle.

Tips: When the table is ready: The water glass is situated next to the knives and spoons. Next to it, right beside it, is the champagne flute , inmediately after to the right the white or red wine glass and next to it, in some cases a sherry glass will be present-

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