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Cocktail events: What people see about you.

BY: ale aguirre

During the last office cocktail event I attended. I had the opportunity to observe many details that have a positive or negative impact on our professional image.

Events like these help us to improve our networking, grow professional relationships, and to provide a better customer service. In this occasion one of the guest, I assume a client, decided to stand just beside the buffet, and he stayed there for the whole night. The fact I constantly repeat that is not a good practice to talk negatively of any client, here is just to show and illustrate the personal image that he projected. Another guest talking to a group suggested about that person, probably he was starving, and perhaps he won´t ate a bite during the day, and obviously he wanted to consume as much food as possible, especially because it was for free.

This is an immense judgment, right? However, let’s consider, what if, you are that guest and you won´t move from beside the buffet to socialize?

Later, when the waiters started to offer alcoholic drinks, many guest just totally forget about the purpose of the event, and started to consume alcohol. Do you know how many glasses are appropriate to drink in a corporate event? Two; in order to keep a good image among the others.

Later, one of the waiters, prevent a guest to start serving him food in a plate , because he was still setting the dishes. Obviously, the client leaved the cocktail event in a terrible mood. In this case the host company received the critics and had a negative impact even though when the waiter was outsourced. Is vital to select carefully when we are outsourcing services, in this case catering, assure to explain to all the parts involved the importance of well matters and especially to assume the company, teach them what they are representing.

Lastly, when conference started, many people decided to bring in glasses , among the purses, notepads and other personal belongs into the meeting rooms. Here is notorious the personal carelessness. Is preferable to finish your drink on the table, by consequence you will have more ability to carry your personal items. And of course people won’t see you as a sloppiness person. Just imagine if your boss find you in that situation. Terrible right?

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