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Dinner with friends or family, etiquette matters?

by  ale marroquin

Have you ever thought during formal or casual dinners, if it is important how you set the table?

Etiquette rules are tools that all of us choose to use them or not and where. It always says who you are.

That´s why every mom always asks their children’s not to rest the elbows on the table, not to  chew while talking. It is much easier to follow etiquette rules outside if you normally follow them at home.

Even if you are hosting a casual dinner, it’s important to use the right tools to serve the food. I am sure you won´t serve the dinner directly from the plastic containers where you store the food, would you?

Here are some simple and helpful tips to prepare you for your special dining event:

If it is a casual dinner and If you want to keep it simple and practical, you can always use heat-resistant servingware, those with plastic lid that can be stored in the fridge. I´ve seen that “Crisa”produces a variety of those, and on  top of that they look really cute on the table.

It is important to consider that the serving cutlery be the proper one depending of the kind of dish-Just imagine serving spaghetti with a two dents fork! There are some dented spoons specially made to serve pasta, making this task simple.

The Slotted spoons (spoons with holes) are not made to serve liquidity dishes, if you do, the liquid will drop on your table or tablecloth.

Salad is best served with salad thongs, or with a set of big spoon and fork, otherwise it’s kind of tricky to serve the lettuce.

Also you can use a set of spoon and fork to serve meat, in some cases and depending of the dish it’s appropriate to use only a spoon.

Even when you are among friends or family, it’s uncomfortable to use the wrong serving cutlery. Food can get cold; dishes can drop on the table. This kind of mess talks about who you are. 

Using right servingware for your casual dinner, even not the silver ones, will make your dinner an entire success, and you can show off the great host you can be. 

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