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Does it affect my body language in my picture?

By: Ale Marroquin

Admittedly , one can not go through life thinking that what you know and what results you usually bring in business , everything else is irrelevant.
Recently a client told me that being in a business meeting , one member dying to make a comment. This person was typical person talking for talking . He who led the meeting , had to leave in immediate reaction involved , moving the eyebrows up in despair . Other board members realized this.
The idea proposed by this person , this time was pretty good, but nobody wanted to support it, and the boss had shown disinterest to move eyebrows. The reality is that there are people who have to work their way to participate in the meetings, but the body language you demonstrate as a leader , it is important to integrate the team and achieve the best shows they have inside

In an age where there is so much competition and stand out from other similar is not so easy , your nonverbal language may be the key point. That way people react yours when you enter a meeting and everyone starts talking and you want your return to work, may be the reason to deduct points for what you project . This can be the difference to you or be promoted next .
Minimize reviews of other moving eyebrows , or turning to see the floor without making eye contact , is clearly a sign of lack of interest or even despair. If you are who is leading the board, and people perceive this, you can cause other people to stop only provide valuable information for the message you just sent . Pay attention to what others say invites people with your look and sends signals that make everyone as part of a team. You'd be surprised what kind of results you get when you're proactive .
Imagine what would you think of the person sitting at the table in the form and ungainly leg crossed over your knee? Your body language can send wrong signals or can not be realizing what causes the way you sit in the eyes of others. The fact that you feel comfortable in that position, is not necessarily what others see and can be projecting disinterest or boredom . Conversely, if you feel right and show empathy for the speaker , turning to look into his eyes, smiling and directing your body to him, is a way to show that you are on the computer and you're professional.
Some positive nonverbal signals are:
Eye Contact
Open stance
sit right
Hands with palms up
Some Negative Signs of nonverbal language are:
Crossing your arms
Playing with hair
Nail Cometerte
Do not make eye contact
Pucker eyebrow
hunchback stand
chewing gum
Not sit right
Play with coins or feathers
If you want to professionally reflect a positive attitude, project confidence and authenticity as a leader, you have to take into account the signals you send with your non-verbal language . Pay close attention because without realizing it , you may be hindering your own professional growth.

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