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Eight tips for storing wine at home

Eight tips for storing wine at home

The wine keeps home ownership is not an impossible task, nor does it require great knowledge. Only patience, wit, enthusiasm and consider the following tips that will facilitate the choice and design of the home cava are needed:

  1.  To choose, we must be clear what factors can affect the properties of the wines are very high or low temperatures and sudden changes, excessive moisture, too much light and any vibration, including those originating from street by transit trains.
  2. Before deciding on a place, think of how much space is available. To make an estimate, it should be noted that in one square meter can rest comfortable up to 60 bottles.
  3. The worst seat in the house to keep the bottles is undoubtedly the kitchen. Abrupt temperature changes that occur on and off the oven and stove transform in the last place you choose..
  4.  Another highly adverse environments for the laundry list is because there never missing two major threats: cleaning products with strong aromas and movement generated by the operation of the washing machine.

5. The room closets are often good places to break bottles because they have movement and its interior is dark. In this case, you must open and close the doors as little as possible and avoid highly scented clothing store with wines.

6.  Both inside closets and other furniture where it is important to review pr.etenda keep the thickness of the shelves (it is advisable to have 3 to 3.8 inches); and once this is verified, it is best to do an antifungal treatment to the entire surface.

7.  With respect to the environment, the temperature and humidity must be kept as stable as possible. Thus, the bottles should never be near an air conditioner, heater or heating.

8.  Another enemy of the red and white is the sunlight as much power, so they should not be exposed to it directly. In that case, would not last two months in good condition so there you have the lights with their lights up so that the light does not impact directly on the bottles.