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Glassware Handling Tips

Glassware Handling Tips

Glass is a wonderful material- it's clean, pure, and allows you to enjoy your food & drink in the most delicious way possible. To keep your glass looking and functioning great, we have a few tips for you to avoid breakage and shock. 

mechanical shock


Mechanical shock in glassware  is the direct result  of contact with  another object,  such as a spoon,  another  glass, or a piece of  china. This kind of contact can cause a  minute abrasion, invisible to the eye,  but a source of weakness in the glass,  making it more susceptible to breakage  from impact or thermal shock.



DO handle glassware gently (Remove abraded, cracked or chipped glassware from use.)


DON'T put flatware into glassware.

DON'T pick up glasses in bouquets.

DON'T stack glasses.

DON'T pick large glass items up by the rim.(especially home decor and bubble balls) 

Thermal Shock


Transitioning glass from one extreme temperature to the next may cause stress to the glassware item and could risk breakage from thermal shock.

To avoid this, we have a little bit of advice. Try not put hot items in cold glass. If you have just rinsed your glass in cold water or it has been in a cold location, pouring hot tea, coffee or placing other heated items into it can cause it to stress and crack. This works the other way too- just be mindful to only expose your glass to higher or lower temperature when it is already at room temperature.



DO preheat glasses with hot water before pouring hot drinks.

DO dump ice and let glassware reach room temperature before washing.


DON'T let hot bakeware come in contact with cold water or surfaces.