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Historia de los Vasos de Crisa.

History of Crisa Glassware

Crisa have champions products that have been present in some cases since the beginning of our company and that preempts today in the market. In this section we present his story.



Vaso cafetero (123)

Crisa is manufactured from 1942 or earlier. This glass is characterized by very thick walls that make the consumer's choice because they give the feeling of greater strength.From the beginning it was very common to see this vessel in cafes and snack bars near the central bus station and city center, one could say that there were places that were not among this glass dinnerware.

For many years it was considered a favorite of home.It's known by the name of "Coffee" because the market has been widely used for hot drinks, especially coffee.

For these features are used for many years in the Parroquia Cafe, in Veracruz.It is considered a glass icon.

Vaso cubero (6660)

This glass was created as a special development for the candle market in 1980 and decorated for their ability to eventually become a champion.Later this glass is promoted on the channel of Advertising and Sales with great success.

The market is so named because surely one of its main uses is to drink "cubas".

Vaso Limonero (186)

This a champion glass that is produced from before 1940. It is distinguished by its conical shape, its large capacity and vertical stripes on the inside.Is the glass has always been in positions of smoothies, juices and soft drinks that abound in Mexico. Hence the name "The Limonero".

Vaso “High Bolero” (6621)

 It's the classic cylinder vase, tall.Its elongated shape causes it to use primarily for cold drinks.Its proportions make it an elegant glass, hence the preference for consumption centers such as bars and restaurants.By its characteristic form is called as "The Tube".

This glass is produced since before 1950.

Vaso mole o empacador (6347)

It is a glass which has the characteristic of "dual use".This glass is the main purpose of canned and packaged once the packaging function is used as a vessel of the newspaper.Common not only in Mexico but also in countries that export the mole, which is the principal of preserves packed.The advantage between these glasses and bottles is that they have the smooth edge that allows drinking if difficulty.This type of glass is made from the 70's.

Vaso tequilero
There is a legend has it that since the time of the farmers in Jalisco, when they went to turn around on horseback to review planting, hung around their necks, a horn of a bovine animal hollow where they put some tequila.

Over time, the expression of that tequila was "pal caballito" he was the tequila glass. Later that horn was cut to put on the table. Subsequently, and in order to industrialize, the shape changed and became cylindrical, with the form we know today as "straw".

The production of  tequila shooters  in Crisa since 1940 and today are handled different sizes and varieties of tequila among them the great tequila Pepitón, named in honor of a great connoisseur of tequila.

La copa Chabela (2247)

Esta copa tiene su historia a partir de 1950 cuando se fabricaba en proceso de prensa manual y se terminaba a mano para darle el acabado de barril.

Desde entonces se hizo famosa en los restaurantes de mariscos y en los bares. Se le conoce como la copa “Chabela” a raíz de una semejanza que le encontraron a una mujer de exuberantes formas con ese nombre. Debido a su gran demanda desde 1973 se fabrica en proceso automático.

Vaso Pedrada

 This Glass is recognized through the cracks in the walls and allow to grip so easily, like a stone ... hence the name.For many years was made by hand until it develops the technology and automated in 1995.

This global champion glass that is manufactured in different sizes.

La copa nevera o “camaronera” (2210)

This cup dates back 4 decades and has since been used very often in the snack bars and soda fountains, for lemonade and fruit smoothies.

Later it was also used in the cocktail and as currently observed in the restaurants.

Beer Mug (5681)

Born in 1989 , this is the best selling beer mug in Crisa.