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How to Build a Champagne Tower


Champagne of Choice

1. Start by buying your champagne glasses- you'll need 91 glasses for the tower (you might want to buy a few extra just to be on the safe side). Set up the bottom row in the shape of a square- your row will be 6 x 6 glasses. Place all of the glasses so that they are touching each other. You'll know it's right if you see a small diamond shape of space between the glasses.

2. Once you've completed the bottom square (the foundation),
use one less glass on each length of the next row. The second row
will be 5 x 5 glasses. Place the center of each glass bottom on top
of the small diamond space to ensure that the glass is fully supported. 

3. Keep on building your rows (4 x 4, 3 x 3, 2 x 2, 1) up until there
is only one champagne glass balanced at the top of your tower.

4. Now for the tricky part, very carefully pour champagne into the
​top glass until it overflows into the glasses below it. Keep pouring champagne until all of the glasses are filled. Keep some towels on the floor beneath the table until the glasses are filled to catch the excess.