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My first business trip

by ale Marroquin 

For the first time, you are sent to your first business trip.  Have you ever noticed that in the U.S. and Canada, they eat differently than in Europe?

How so? Yes, there are two styles: The American style and The Continental style.

The American is when you grab the fork with your left hand and the knife with the right. When you proceed to cut the meat, you leave the knife on the plate and change the fork to the other hand  to continue eating.

In the Continental style, you usually take the fork with the left, and the knife with the right hand and eat without exchanging or  swaping hands. Be careful,  in both cases, you can´t cut all your food  in pieces and then eat. The proper way is to cut a bite and then eat it, and so on.

Also remember that if you're in a restaurant and you have nott finished eating, you should watch where you put the silverware on the plate. You might be sending signals to the waiter that your meal is over when you have not finished yet.  In the American style, the indicated position is to put the fork and knife in clock position  “ten of four”. That is, the tip of the knife and fork should point to the base of “ten and four”  (assuming that your plate is a clock). In the Continental style it is the same, only the tips of the fork are face down and in the American style they are faced up.

Do not be intimidated by the number of cutlery on the table. That just means the number of dishes served. All you have to do is to start from left to right. If you get it wrong, do not change your silverware for the correct one, keep eating and when the waiter withdraws your plate, ask him to replace it, so that you eat with the right one for the next entree.   And do not worry, dessert silverware is normally placed in the top side of the plate, remember to never use the one you used with the main course.

Consider these suggestions, and you will shine for your ability to adapt to any place at any time! .

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