Guidelines for the Code of Ethics relating to Suppliers.

In Crisa Libbey Mexico we aim to develop long-term relationships with customers and suppliers who value our principles and help us meet our ethical and legal obligations with the various organizations with which we work.

The success of Crisa Libbey Mexico depends on our ability to foster lasting relationships with customers and suppliers, assuming the commitment to maintain the highest levels of product quality and business integrity so that trust is the cornerstone of these relationships.
For this reason, it is expected that all suppliers and employees of Crisa Libbey Mexico behave honestly, with integrity and fairness. It is elemental to the prestige of our company to maintain high ethical standards in compliance with all applicable laws and avoiding even the perception of an act or omission or an improper conflict of interest.

Failure to follow these guidelines clauses not only results in the disqualification of the supplier or customer of products or services of Crisa Libbey Mexico but also the application of serious sanctions both the supplier and the people involved.

Inquiries about these guidelines may be sent to the Direct Libbey Ethics Hotline, which can communicate as follows:

From Mexico, dial 001 - 888 - 670-7859

Complaints may be made in Spanish, anonymous and confidential.

1. Bribery Compliance with Laws
It is prohibited to suppliers; their agents or employees offer bribes, favors, gratuities, social activities or anything of value to employees of Crisa Libbey Mexico in order to obtain favorable treatment of Crisa Libbey Mexico. Crisa Libbey Mexico is deeply committed to compliance with all laws and regulations that apply to its global operations, including the Act Foreign Corrupt Practices U.S. (United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) ("FCPA") and all anti-bribery and corruption laws. In this sense all employees, agents, representative, suppliers, distributors, consultants and partners of Libbey and any person who is doing business for or on behalf of Libbey, regardless of nationality or where the contract (the "Representatives Libbey ") are required to fully comply with the FCPA and Bribery all applicable laws enforced.

2. Gifts and Hospitality
As part of our Code of Ethics  it is established that Crisa Libbey Mexico does not prohibit the giving or receiving gifts and entertainment to or from people or organizations that have or seek to have a business relationship with Libbey. However, gifts and hospitality should be moderate and reasonable in all cases and should never compromise the ability to make objective and fair business decisions. Crisa Libbey employees may accept gifts under the following conditions:
(a) Its value is U.S. $ 10 or less,
(b) The public disclosure does not affect the image of Crisa Libbey Mexico,
(c) Acceptance is compatible with commercial practices of Crisa Libbey Mexico.

3. Conflicts of Interest
No provider will set into financial relationships with a Crisa Libbey Mexico employee that would create a conflict of interest for Crisa Libbey Mexico. There will be a conflict of interest when the personal interests of substantial employee of Crisa Libbey Mexico were incompatible with the responsibilities of his position in the company. All these types of conflicts should be disclosed and resolved. Even the appearance of a conflict of interest can be negative to Crisa Libbey Mexico and the supplier. For this reason, the management of Crisa Libbey Mexico has an obligation to publicize it and approve it.

4. Commitment Quality Standards
Crisa Libbey Mexico Suppliers will provide a product which conforms in all respects with the requirements established with Crisa Libbey Mexico, in particular all relevant to quality requirements.

5. Libbey Ethics Hotline
Crisa Libbey Mexico Suppliers should immediately notify the Direct Libbey Ethics Hotline about any deviation or violation to the operation, feel uncomfortable with any situation, have any doubt as to their consistency, or, detect faults to the guidelines established herein.