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My writing reflects my laughter updated image.

By ale marroquin

Do not you think that your image should project today and fresh knowledge to find better opportunities in professional life ? Do you want to continue to identify as "Trapped in the era of the eighties ! "
But when you write in emails, when you post on Facebook or chatting on the messenger , even among friends, and you do it with acronyms , synonyms, abbreviations used among teenagers, not necessarily see you updated .
It's a very thin line : be modern and current , does not mean you can look like a teenager falling in the lack of seriousness and commitment. It turns out that what people read on your information, can perceive much of your personality. Maybe they see that you are a person who takes things lightly or you're too serious , you can reflect that you are funny, but never miss style .
Write politely and with proper words , remember that means as twitter , facebook and other social tools , to many eyes publish what you write and you never know whose hands can reach , even if you do only in your social environment.
My writing reflects my updated image
Even if you are about to graduate from college, keep in mind that many recruiters , we try to investigate putting your name in search engines on the Internet . If the way you communicate is too relaxed , you can influence the interview you have to get a job . Being "in" in fashion symbols or abbreviations , you can subtract points in your favor.
Not only write too " lol , or jejeeje " nobody understands abbreviations , emoticons , or lack of grammar in your writing , you can affect the way you communicate with others. The composing emails internally peer must have a structure. These emails can be forwarded to others that a trial or image of who you are will be reading it, how you work, how professional you can be.
Be updated to the time , does not mean losing your style in your writing . You do not want to be misunderstood , do you? The excess in the use of these symbols , acronyms and abbreviations, may affect you and good career opportunities missed .

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