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When someone ignores you for using the phone

By ale marroquin

Some etiquette and good manners are staying in the past, others are evolving according to the actual updates in technology. Certain rules on cellphones and instant messages are starting to apply in order to show respect for other people.

Does it seem out of place when you're seating together at the table and not only your 16 year old nephew is the one sending messages, but an adult too?

Technology is surpassing us, it´s becoming an obsession and we can´t live without the cell phone, we feel that we have to answer instantly. Where´s the respect for the person you are with?

It is the same lack of respect to turn around and ignore someone who´s trying to talk with you, as it is to start texting during a conversation. It demonstrates lack of interest toward people around you. Imagine you are the person who´s trying to talk and everybody is excluding you because they are texting in their cellphone. 

Recently I sent a message to a friend and it sent back an automatic message that said “I´m in a meeting, I´ll get back to you afterwards”.  That is a great idea, because there are people who can think that you don´t want to answer, they don´t assume you´re busy. How many times you received a “PING” to catch your attention again. People sending the message insist on your answer.

Here are some basic tips for professional and social instant messages.

When you send a message, first ask if the person is available.
If you send a message and someone doesn´t answer instantly it might be because he´s busy or is not near the cellphone. Don´t insist sending another message.
If you receive a message and you´re with another person, first ask if it is ok to respond the message. Answer only when it´s seems important.
Try to text short answers or tell the other person that you will contact him later because you´re with someone else.
If you are in a meeting, it´s not correct to text between people in the same room.
If you are in a public place like cinema or a meeting, put your cellphone in vibrator.
Try to update your status when you´re available or not, the person trying to contact you will know what to do.
Be careful if you´re driving or doing something else, it can be dangerous in the car.
Be careful wit your profile picture, everyone will know if you are in the beach and maybe you want to be lowprofile.
Finally, be careful when you´re chatting with many people at the same time, in one occasion, one of them wrote a bad comment about someone and he texted it to the user he was making bad comments about.

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